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Scenic view of Tohoku train with full bloom of sakura. The act of hanami cherry blossom is an ancient tradition that Miyagi, Japan - April 14, Cherry blossoms blooming at Chidorigafuchi park in Tokyo.

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Nearly twenty years after he opened it. He also toured some of the gardens before visiting Wakehurst's Coronation Meadow. Pictured here in the Coronation Meadow with Iain Parkinson living collections and conservation manager. April Narrow streets of the park crossed by the tourist train Venaria, Piedmont, Italy. Blooms in the Baltic Sea 20 July March to June Level 2 Ocean Colour. Figure 1: Chlorophyll a concentration determined from ocean colour images captured by the OLCI sensor aboard Sentinel Figure 2: Date of first bloom in the St Helena Bay region.

Figure 3: Algal blooms brown patches off South Africa's coast in the southern Benguela current.

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Credit: Hayley Evers-King. Related content. This, we intend to put to use coming school year followed by an evaluation in order to develop further material in a forthcoming meeting. It was the second time we were lucky to work with Anna and Michelle. The gained theoretical and methodological knowledge conveyed by them is very important to us and we are looking forward to further collaborations.

Since our view is more coined by practical experience directly at school, the results of our working together achieves extremely satisfactory set of results.

The outcome from earlier projects addresses the needs of our students to handle both intercultural and complex linguistic situations appropriately. These guidelines give a true European perspective to language teaching didactics and take into account the sometimes problematic and confrontational multilingualism that is integral to our continent.

We presented our training through a conference for the general public to enable us to highlight significant issues, plus two workshops in which we explored these issues in more depth. The training aimed to present the actual tools procedures, activities, resources, online teaching materials, materials for skills development that teachers, educational leaders, material writers could use to not only have students work with cultural and linguistic diversity, but also to learn how to learn in this diversity.

Plurilingual and intercultural competences constitute important dimensions of the Swiss Profiles, both on the level of teachers' own individual competences, as well as regarding the teachers' ability to convey them at their target level and in their target language of teaching.

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We discussed possibilities of evaluating such competences. In a next step, the FREPA team presented their Web platform, since the development of a similar platform is one of the next aims in the Swiss project.

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A second part of the meeting was devoted to a novel joint project idea, in view of the ECML's call "Languages at the heart of learning ". The Training and Consultancy meeting took place in a pleasant and constructive atmosphere, and was considered eminently fruitful and inspiring by all participants.

The grids are based on the growth levels for the students which move through awareness, realization, appreciation to acceptance. At the same time we were able to stay true to the national core curriculum and the local strategic development and its view that students should be able to compare, negotiate and question on their educational journey.

Some concrete ideas for lessons were picked by the Finnish team to complement the two grids on the dissemination website. To discuss relevant competences which would work for the specific context of the Armenian educational system. To train teachers for the purpose of working with pluralistic approaches. To help teacher trainers to design training modules based on pluralistic approaches.

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Programme of the workshop Day 1: Conference Target group: representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of RA, teacher trainers, curriculum developers, textbook writers, school principals and chair holders at YSLU. Aim of the conference: to support education professionals in their effort to review the existing approaches in language policy and identify areas where the FREPA approaches can be successfully implemented. Day 2: Workshops Target group: teacher trainers, curriculum developers and textbook writers Aim of the workshops: To help the participants master the objectives of plurilingual and intercultural education, to select, adapt and use relevant teaching materials.