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Further advance, The RSI shows upside momentum. Rebound, A support base at 0. Rebound, The RSI is mixed to bullish. Under pressure, As long as the resistance at 0. Continuation of the rebound, The RSI shows upside momentum. Rebound towards 1. It's Just Lunch recognizes that each of our clients is unique, and that their attributes, experiences and life goals shape the type of relationship they are looking for. As such, we are committed to working with our clients to understand their needs and provide a successful, fun and productive IJL Dating Experience.

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We bring the right people together. Our professional matchmakers love what they do — and that's what makes them great. Two great people. One great matchmaker. We've been making sparks fly since Our story. This soft, tactile power is subtle. If men are the brute enforcers, mothers are the thought police, patrolling their daughter's mind, while other female relatives alert her to anything she might have missed. Cue the ubiquitous, fussy, interfering Auntie-ji character — matchmaking and meddling.

While they may not be quite the kind who carry around photo albums of potential husbands prevalent in Punjabi society they still abound in Arab families. A veritable Rolodex of social networks, suitors and pithy oneliners my own bete noire's favourite saying is "If you don't have what you like, then like what you have" , they are specialists in character assassination, deflating your achievements and, most infuriatingly, pressurising your mother just when you had talked her into talking your father round.

This goes beyond the pervasive fear that someone, somewhere — younger, of course — might be having fun. In my experience at least, even fulfilled and apparently liberalminded women seem to bristle at younger ones challenging the status quo, or more precisely, challenging more of the status quo than they had done, stripping them of whatever forwardthinking uniqueness they imagined they had.

A relative of mine, who became a pioneer in the s by studying at a university in the US, was one of the main objectors to my studying in London, on the grounds that when she did it she was with a mahram male guardian. The crossover point seems to be marriage.

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The happily unmarried woman is treated like an off-road vehicle that may damage and challenge the tidy spaces of married women who have arrived and finally inherited some role of authority, some credibility that they so painfully lacked when single. While this smug Bridget Jones divide may not be unique to more traditional societies, it further reinforces a barrier to female emancipation, a frontier that is less tangible, less exposed in the media and much more emotionally challenging.

Nesrine Malik. Amin attended medical school in Sudan and is currently practicing Emergency Medicine in Dublin, Ireland. He founded Tartar Studio in , a non-profit animation studio aiming to promote Sudan and its culture. Darfuri people are known in Sudan for being passionate about their religion and its kings like Sultan Ali Dinar, who are famous for their generosity and staunch beliefs. A glance at the history of Sudan reveals frequent migration of people, cultural mixing, and intermarriage in this ancient land creating a diverse population with varied looks and languages, forging civilisations and famous kingdoms that have flourished for centuries.

Recent memories tell of war, genocide and political conflict dominating a region previously renowned for its captivating landscape, cultural diversity, and wealth. The profound legacy of Islamic civilisation and thriving Sufi scholarship is overshadowed by narratives of injustice, displacement, and of rape and other kinds of violations of women - in stark contrast to a more dignified past.

While experiencing a great deal of suffering and continuous assaults against them and their families, it is particularly the women of Darfur who remind you that above everything else they are women with dignity, not just victims of war. What have we become now? I have worked all my life teaching girls over 30 years and serving this country as best I can.

My village has been burned down; my home is gone. Respect derived from the maternal lineage and women from royal families in the ancient Sultanates of Darfur enjoyed a high status in the community and had decision-making powers. Traditional women leaders — the mayarem, sheikhat and habobat The mayarem were princesses - the daughters and sisters of the Sultan and female leaders in the Sultanate. The sheikhat were elderly women female sheikhs known for their wisdom and good counsel. The habobat were female elders who also crowned the Sultans according to rich traditional and religious rituals.

No coronation was held unless the women leaders were consulted. Before coronation by the habobat, they initiated the new Sultan by narrating stories about former Sultans. Specifically, they stressed on their good qualities including generosity, bravery, impartiality, and piety. They explained how former Sultans embraced unity and encouraged reconciliation between conflicting parties both within and outside the Sultanate.

There were stories about Sultans who were successful in governing their territories and others who maintained and safeguarded equality and justice in addition to other characteristics of magnanimity. The habobat also advised the new Sultan about pitfalls to avoid in managing the Sultanate affairs. After covering the civil war in Darfur and displacement camps, she was motivated to be more engaged in human rights issues. In addition to cultivating farmlands hawakir , the owners also managed the affairs of the farmlands and the inhabitants. Farmland was given to the mayarem in appreciation of their political role in the Sultanate.

Women in Darfur were also highly skilled in handcrafts, food manufacture and food storage. They perfected the manufacture of prayer mats and other necessities for khalwas and mosques in different parts of Sudan. The mayarem farmlands were highly fertile, thus guaranteeing a high yield.

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Ordinary women who were successful in producing a large crop could join the ranks of the mayarem after an evaluation by the makashi, the collector of taxes and the zakat 1, religious dues. Many Darfuri women were great models in managing the farms and food production. Based on their profound religious values, women gave generously to charities, to the poor, to passersby, and to soldiers going out to war. She bought palm trees in Egypt and Iraq from the revenues of her agriculture and gave dates to the needy people and passersby. Kaltoma created strong diplomatic relations in the countries where she bought the palm trees.

Other women leaders like Taja and Zamzam were famous for their horsemanship and war skills. The Sultans of Darfur relied on women for news in the kingdom and for public opinion. The women regularly fed. For example, the haboba, the mother of a mayrem used a food dish called the mandola to transmit her messages. She made a specific drawing on the lid of the utensil before sending it to the Sultan. Depending on the subject matter of the message, the Sultan acted upon it or sent it back for clarification or reconsideration.


At public functions she was frequently seen riding her horse and speaking with anybody who approached her.