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PDF | Background: China has one of the highest incidence rates of oesophageal cancer in the world. The largest study, carried out in the high incidence County of Anyang in Henan and papers were sourced from the date when the data- % were bisexual, % engaged in oral sex, and % in anal sex.
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Views away from Beijing "I live near 3, km from Beijing but even in this far flung place I can feel the excitement of all folks. I live in a desert but we have many games here such as ping pong and basketball game. I missed the Olympic torch when it came to Qinghai domain.

I felt very sad to miss it. I got up earlier than usual to watch it travelling around some local grottos and then I got the dismaying news that for the torch's safety and for our safety we should watch it indoors in the news instead. To go to the site we had to apply to any local resident's committee. It was sad news for an outsider at all like me. Many people were unhappy with this insurance policy. We wanted to do greet the torch. Many athletes are attending these Games and I belief that China will be number one in the medal table this time.

There is a Tibetan girl in our office who is lucky enough to go to Beijing and attend the great olympic games. My favourite sports are table tennis and volleyball. I think the basic Games that China is good at. People you will notice so excited. The Olympic torch travelling all around China made us all feel included. Anyang is a small city normally we don't have too many celebrations.

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We always talk about the olympics. Even last time when it occured abroad we watched it, So it is great to think it is happening here. I think Chinese athletes will do an admirable job and I hope that we will win more medals. I feel because it is occurring in China there is a bigger chance of winning medals. Athletes will be familiar with the atmosphere and weather here. Athletes from my province will be engaging, And I will cheer for them more than for others because they are from my area.

I am so quite. I wouldn't say the Sichuan earthquake is overshadowing people's perceptions to the upcoming Olympics. People here have a laid back your life style. It has left psychological marks especially some people will live in the devastated regions. But people will try to live as they lived vendor earthquake. I wouldn't say the people here have shown a majority of excitement in public. But we have private discussions on how the us government should prepare.

A few decades ago China was lagging behind the modern world. Nowadays China is flourishing very fast. The Olympic Games is one of the most up-to-date great achievements of the Chinese government. When you talk with the locals on the streets, it doesn't matter if they are a street sweeper or white collar worker, They will tell you he is excited. I have to work during the day so I will only be able to see the action at night. I know mugs of discussions here about how to develop the tourism of Guizhou. I'm hoping that people will take time to travel to China during the Games and come here.

Leishan is not likely Beijing. Chinese people have been looking towards the Olympic Games for what seems like years, So actually though we are here, Our hearts will go when using the Games. I am a teacher. When my students managed to graduate they gave me three t shirts: One had a picture of the Olympic torch, One had a picture of an Olympic mascot and one with an olympics sign.

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