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Syria: Current local time in & Next time change in Latakia, Time Zone Asia/​Damascus (UTC+2). Current Local Time & Date, Time Zone and Time Difference Latakia, Syria Al Ladhiqiyah; Al Lādhiqīyah; Al-Laziqiyah; El Ladhaqiye; El Ladhiqiya; El Lādhaqiyé; El Lādhiqīya; LTK; Ladhiqiye; Ladikija Other places close.
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The port's imported cargo include clothing, construction materials, vehicles, furniture, minerals, tobacco, cotton, and food supplies such as lintels, onions, wheat, barley, dates, grains and figs, and in , the port handled about 8 million tons of cargo. The largest area of the port with 43 hectares occupies the container terminal. The storage capacity is up to 17, containers. It is not known whether the lines still exist in the Syrian civil war , which has been going on since The marina Latakia has berths for ships up to a maximum length of 25 meters and 4 meters draught.

Latakia has an extensive agricultural hinterland. Exports include bitumen asphalt , cereals, cotton , fruits, eggs, vegetable oil, pottery, and tobacco. Cotton ginning, vegetable-oil processing, tanning, and sponge fishing serve as local industries for the city. The Cote d'Azur Beach of Latakia is Syria's premier coastal resort, and offers water skiing, jet skiing, and windsurfing. The latter hotel has rooms and is the only international hotel in the city. Compared to other Syrian cities, window shopping and evening strolls in the markets is considered a favorite pastime in Latakia.

Numerous designer-label stores line 8 Azar Street, and the heart of the city's shopping area is the series of blocks enclosed by 8 Azar Street, Yarmouk Street, and Saad Zaghloul Street in the city center. The National Museum of Latakia was built in near the seafront of the city.

It formerly housed the residence of the Governor of the Alawite State and was originally a 16th-century Ottoman khan "caravansary" known as Khan al-Dukhan, meaning "The Khan of Smoke", as it served the tobacco trade. The khan historically served not only as an inn, but also contained private residences. However, since the outbreak of the Syrian Civil War in , the museum had been temporarily closed, to protect the museum's exhibits from the trafficking and looting, which became common during recent years, that the Museums of Palmyra, Deir ez-Zor and Raqqa suffered from.

However, the museum's gardens are still open to the public, and contain many column capitals, ornaments, funerary tombs and statues which still can be viewed by the public. Latakia is the home city of three football clubs: Teshrin Sports Club was founded in , [70] Hutteen Sports Club was founded in All teams are based in the al-Assad Stadium , which carries a capacity of 28, people.

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Just north of the city is the Latakia Sports City complex, which was built in to host the Mediterranean Games. Latakia tobacco is a specially prepared tobacco originally produced in Syria and named after the port city of Latakia. It is cured over a stone pine or oak wood fire, which gives it an intense smokey-peppery taste and smell. Rarely smoked straight, it is used as a "condiment" or "blender" a basic tobacco mixed with other tobaccos to create a blend , especially in English, Balkan, and some American Classic blends. The university first had only 3 faculties, Literature, Science and Agriculture and only an enrollment of students during its founding, [74] but that number largely grew throughout the years to reach more than 70, students, [74] making the Tishreen University the 3rd largest in Syria, with the number of its faculties rising to 17, including Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Science, Nursing, Education, Agriculture, Law, History, Electrical and Technical Engineering and Arts, among others.

One of the oldest schools in Latakia, a previous military barracks built during the French Mandate of Syria and Lebanon is named after Jules Jammal, an Arab Christian military officer who blew himself up in a suicide attack on a French ship. The modern city still exhibits faint traces of its former importance, notwithstanding the frequent earthquakes with which it has been visited.

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The marina is built upon foundations of ancient columns, and there are in the town an old gateway and other antiquities, as also sarcophagi and sepulchral caves in the neighbourhood. This gateway is a remarkable triumphal arch at the southeast corner of the town, almost entire: it is built with four entrances, like the Forum Jani at Rome. It is conjectured that this arch was built in honour of Lucius Verus , or of Septimius Severus. Notable points of interest in the nearby area include the massive Saladin's Castle and the ruins of Ugarit, where some of the earliest alphabetic writings have been found.

There are also several popular beaches. Latakia has consulates general of Finland and France , and honorary consulates of Greece and Romania. Lined with hotels, restaurants and the city museum, the street begins in central Latakia along the Mediterranean coast and ends at Hitteen Square. From the square, it branches southwest into al-Maghreb al-Arabi Street, [79] south into 8 Azar Street, which continues south to form Baghdad Avenue—the main north—south road [80] —branching into Beirut Street and Nadim Hassan Street along the southern coastline. Much of the city is accessible by taxi and other forms of public transportation.

The "luxury" Garagat Pullman Bus Station is located on Abdel Qader al-Husseini Street, and at least a dozen private companies are based at the station. Local microbuses run between al-Yaman Square and the city center, as well as between the station on al-Jalaa Street and the city center.

Latakia's railway station is located on al-Yaman Square. Chemins de Fer Syriens operated services, including two daily runs to Aleppo and one weekly run to Damascus via Tartous. In , approximately , passengers departed from Latakia's railway station. In addition, there are irregular ferry services to Cyprus. In , approximately 27, passengers used the port.

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Ring, Trudy; Salkin, Robert M. Cities and towns of Syria. Latakia Governorate. Latakia District.