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Current local time in South Korea – Pohang. Get Pohang's weather and area codes, time zone and DST. Explore Pohang's sunrise and sunset, moonrise and​.
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According to KNPA statistics for , more than 68, demonstrations occurred nationwide on a wide range of issues. In recent years, there has been a marked decrease in violence associated with political demonstrations, but even demonstrations intended to be peaceful have the potential to turn confrontational quickly.

Many demonstrations are held on Gwanghwamun Plaza, in front of the U. Demonstrations also frequently occur at Seoul Plaza, approximately meters south of Gwanghwamun Plaza.

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Protests can often exceed 50, participants, and often involve marches throughout downtown Seoul. Although the KNPA monitors demonstrations, and keeps traffic lanes open during protests, traffic becomes congested during large demonstrations, especially in downtown Seoul. Organizers must register demonstrations at least 48 hours in advance, with security coordinated by the KNPA. Foreigners may not participate in political demonstrations in Korea; doing so would violate your ROK visa terms. Avoid confronting demonstrators, and exercise caution if within the vicinity of protests or rallies.

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Stay informed through local media about military exercises and civil defense drills that sometimes occur at short notice and for which the Embassy may not always be able to provide advance notification. South Korea is overwhelmingly pro-U. However, with approximately 28, U. For example, in a U. Forces Korea. In , there were mass protests in Seoul against the importation of U. Free Trade Agreement; and saw increased protest activity against the U.

Protests against U. Post-specific Concerns. Environmental Hazards. The most recent earthquake occurred in , in Buk-gu, Pohang, North Gyeongsang, registering 5. The monsoon season June-August typically involves four to six weeks of heavy rain. Damages from flooding vary from year to year, but flooding is often a problem, especially in rural areas. Typhoons occasionally cause damage.

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In , typhoons caused several deaths and moderate, isolated damage. During the monsoon and the typhoon seasons, heavy rains and flooding sometimes occur in South Korea. See general information about natural disaster preparedness at the U. Critical Infrastructure Concerns. Infrastructure is highly developed, due in part to the desire to continue economic growth.

As a result, there are safety issues that stem from minimal enforcement of regulations, minimal consequences for violators, and a tendency to value economic progress over safety. The Sewol Ferry disaster and collapse of a ventilation grate that led to the death of 16 people at a music concert, shifted public perception to support the need for stricter enforcement of safety standards. South Korea has made significant strides in terms of its protection of intellectual property rights in certain respects.

It cooperates aggressively with U. In , Korean police working with U. Industrial espionage, however, remains a high-profile concern. Privacy Concerns. In , point-of-sale terminals became the focus for many hackers, with each hack yielding hundreds or thousands of sellable accounts. One researcher found information for more than one million Korean credit accounts had been posted in one location on the dark web during the Summer of alone. Personal Identity Concerns.

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Consensual same-sex sexual activity is not criminalized in South Korea. The ROK National Human Rights Commission Act prohibits discrimination against individuals because of their sexual orientation, but there are no laws specifying punishment for persons found to have discriminated on this basis. Same-sex marriages are not recognized, but Korean law allows Korean citizens to change their legal gender identity.

For women, marriage is not an attractive option

Korean law mandates access to transportation, communication, and public buildings. Crosswalks typically have audio and visual signals. Older buildings and streets are less accessible than modern ones. Metro cars and buses in Seoul offer priority seating for the disabled, and most metro stations have elevators.

Metro platforms include information written in Korean Braille. Contact individual bus companies and subway associations for specific information. Foreign residents are eligible for disability assistance from local ward offices; assistance varies by ward. Drug-related Crimes. However, reports indicate that an undetermined quantity of narcotics is smuggled through South Korea to Japan and other countries.

In response, the government has taken significant steps to counter drug transshipment. Reporting reflects that in Seoul, most drug-related offenses occur in the Gangnam and Yongsan Districts, involving drugs usually distributed through nightclubs. Government restrictions on marijuana and marijuana products are strict. Authorities will immediately deport travelers who possess any form of marijuana, to include prescribed medicine legal in other countries. Kidnapping Threat. Kidnappings are rare in Korea, but they do occur.

KNPA crime statistics for this category in reflect a total of 1, such incidents. North Korean-derived Insecurity. There is peace on the Korean peninsula because of the armistice agreement that has endured since ; in the past two decades, the number and type of political, economic, and social interactions between the Koreas have increased. Nonetheless, bilateral tensions remain moderately high and have escalated to limited military confrontations in the past. In the last decade, provocations from the North have included ballistic missile tests, nuclear tests, and attacks on South Korea -held territory.

Tensions cooled in after North Korea was invited to participate in the Winter Olympic games held in South Korea, where the North marched with their Southern counterparts in the opening ceremony under one flag. This was followed by an invitation to the U. North Korea announced that it would suspend nuclear and missile testing and shut down the site where its six previous nuclear tests were conducted. Further talks have failed to materialize. Police Response.

How to Handle South Korea's Missile Ambitions | Foreign Affairs

Many street crimes involving tourists and foreigners have decreased in recent years due to the presence of the Korean National Police Agency KNPA tourist police, which is responsible for patrolling major tourist areas in Seoul and whose officers are fluent in English, Japanese, and Mandarin. Police treat detained or arrested foreigners with respect. Upon arresting a foreigner, police will notify the KNPA Foreign Affairs Division, which will assume responsibility for the investigation. The emerg ency line for foreigners in South Korea is Officers with English-speaking capability are on duty hours a day, 3 65 days a year.

The KNPA Special Weapons and Tactics SWAT unit is the premier civilian authority charged with counterterrorism operations and responsible for serving high-risk arrest warrants, hostage rescue, and other acceptable high threat missions. The National Intelligence Service NIS is the domestic and foreign intelligence service, but it also has a quasi-law enforcement function in that it is responsible for counter-terrorism activities and security planning for major international events through its Threat Information Integration Center.

South Korea 2020 Crime & Safety Report

Early Ordovician carbonates of the Dumugol Formation exposed along the Seokgaejae section. W skarn ore in the Myobong Slate of the Sangdong mine. Quartz porphyry left and garnet-rich skarn right in the Wondong Fe-Pb-Zn deposit. Basalt ravine of Hantangang river and columnar joints Cheolwon-gun. The boundary between the Seokpo tuff and the Gyeokpori Fm. Uplifted basinfill conglomerate of the Jinan Basin. Deokmyeong-ri dinosaur tracksite of the Late Cretaceous Jindong Formation.

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Gohyeon-ri dinosaur tracksite of the Late Cretaceous Jindong Formation. Dinosaur tracks in the Late Cretaceous Nangdo-ri tracksite. Theropod trackways in the Hwasun Dinosaur tracksite. Dinosaur egg in the Boseong Bibong-ri Fossil site. Ornithopod trackway on the Late Cretaceous lacustrine mudflat deposits at Deokmyeongri, Goseong.

Dinpsaur Museum at Deokmyeongri Dinosaur tracksite, Goseong. A conceptual model of the Korea EGS pilot project, and site image. The landscape elements of salt marsh and barren mountainous area disappeared. The area that had no soil loss decreased from Mean soil loss from forest land declined; means were Forest restoration exerted a rapid control effect on mountain soil loss.

Disturbance due to forest fire was a temporal agent in soil loss increment in To meet the ecosystem management goal set in the s in South Korea, shrub and herbaceous vegetation and barren mountainous area were converted into forest through massive plantation activities and strong restrictions on natural resource utilization by the local people.