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It was also my old friend—the old country hotel Is Morus — but now full of millionaires—French politicians, British peers and German industrialists. The food was still magnificent, the service immaculate, but I do not think the guests would have appreciated being awakened by my choir of bowlers.

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However, the lady from Philadelphia was not only amusing company, she was a rich widow. Greece is a long way to go for a hair trim but when I land on a Greek isle, I go to the barbershop because that is where you get news and make friends.


We finished the argument in the tavern over a red mullet, salad of tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, goat cheese and pimiento, and a bottle of wine, and exchanged such information as the size of our houses, incomes, children and wives, which is polite in Greece, be cause it shows interest in the other man. That was how I found out that my new friend owned the enormous yacht dwarfing my hired fishing caique in the harbor. It is strictly informal, with fine beaches. There was just a big central bar and dining room and bedrooms in stone cottages hidden among the trees. But from the simple balcony the whole heart of Corsica was spread before me—mountain slopes of various green turning to mauve and capped with white snow, then diving steeply again to a boisterous river called the Vecchio, a river of pure crystal water, unpolluted and jumping with fish.

Cut into the hillside below the balcony was a charmingly set swimming pool. The food was local and magnificent. Wild boar turned on a spit over a log fire in the dining room, while mountain trout were cooked on the grill.

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Besides this, there were superb local pates, country soups and strong hard brocchio cheese washed down with local wine poured from jugs. On my first morning, I made for the river to catch trout. Alas, they ran rings round me. I caught nothing. Finally, he stalked away with face like an impending storm. He took me a long way down a lonely path through huge rosemary bushes to a red Ferrari. Fruit costs very little on Sicily. Then she dined me well and gave me splendid wines and explained that her husband owned so many businesses that he was too busy to join us.

But was back in my hotel by midnight taking a nightcap of orange juice. After all, this was Sicily and I still felt a little uneasy. Nothing like so uneasy, mind you, as when I met my nudist millionaire on the French isle of Levant. This is the most swinging of Europe's naturist spots. All else they wore was a string of beads dangling to below the waistline.

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All this was most alluring, but there are certain basic snags about nudism. For instance, you cannot carry money except in your hat, and most bars put drinks on a slate.

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You cannot hide deficiencies such as round shoulders or large paunch. Nor can you always sit down when you feel like it. There are thistles, sharp stones and, as I found, hot rocks. Luckily the man who heard my cries of anguish was a millionaire manufacturer of soothing medical creams. All the same, our first meeting is still rather a sore point with me. View on timesmachine.

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Home Page World Coronavirus U. Indeed, the city plan projected a logical growth southward along this axis, but a real estate developer beckoned northward—the National Archaeological Museum is out this way—and the newly rich followed. The palace garden almost touched the Arch of Hadrian and the 15 mammoth columns some of them 7 feet 10 inches in diameter of the temple of Olympian Zeus, last of the Classical buildings built in Athens, and beyond lay empty fields.

Since then the garden has become one of the painfully rare public parks in Athens. Its new neighbours were the University of Athens refounded in , the colonnade adorned with paintings, and the National Library. A new Royal Palace now the Presidential Residence was built during —97, a little southeast of the old which is now a Parliament house on Herodes Atticus Street. This leads to the 70,seat Panathenaic Athens Stadium , reconstructed by an expatriate Greek millionaire in time for the revival of the Olympic Games in In the orderly progress of Athens was overturned and haphazard development began, for ethnic minorities were exchanged between Greece and Turkey , and approximately 1,, Greeks, most of them penniless, came home from Asia Minor.

In the s hideous things happened in Athens. During the German occupation many people died from starvation, and the city began to fall apart from lack of maintenance. When the Germans left, part of the Allied-equipped resistance refused to lay down its arms, and the civil war began. A construction boom began in the s.

A network of major highways was thrown up. The Athens master plan was enlarged several times to keep pace with spread, which by had already attained 75 square miles, with a built-up area of 17 square miles outside the plan altogether. Land values in the centre quadrupled, then octupled, and rose proportionately elsewhere. Traffic increased almost to the saturation point at rush hours, and the city continued to sprawl beyond its planned limits. Installation of a modern sewer system was undertaken, together with controls to check the floods that roar into Athens when heavy rains pour off the denuded mountains.

The older Athens has not entirely disappeared in all this hubbub. Tiny open-fronted shops are hung with tinselled folk costumes and all of the monuments of Athens reproduced in copper, plaster, plastic, and paint.