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The Junior League of Sarasota is an organization of women committed to promoting Recent events across the globe have brought us to a pivotal moment in.
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Since the start of the pandemic the WWE has helped fans around the world retain a sense of normalcy thanks in part to their new state of the art home. Head volleyball coach at Cardinal Mooney, Chad Sutton is doing just that. Humane Society of Sarasota County is spreading joy in a very special way this holiday season. Hanukkah signifies a message of hope during tough times.

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More Weather. Call tip line: Watch Live. Most Read. Moving like Jagger, Mick buys girlfriend a Suncoast home. This was particularly important after , when the Confederacy lost control of the Mississippi River, thereby losing access to Texas beef. Both were Confederate victories. Following the American Civil War, Florida's congressional representation was restored on June 25, , albeit forcefully after Radical Reconstruction and the installation of unelected government officials under the final authority of federal military commanders.

After the Reconstruction period ended in , white Democrats regained power in the state legislature. In , they created a new constitution, followed by statutes through that disfranchised most blacks and many poor whites. In the pre-automobile era, railroads played a key role in the state's development, particularly in coastal areas. In , the Pensacola and Atlantic Railroad connected Pensacola and the rest of the Panhandle to the rest of the state.

Numerous other railroads were built all over the interior of the state. Until the midth century, Florida was the least populous state in the southern United States. Forty thousand blacks, roughly one-fifth of their population levels in Florida, left the state in the Great Migration. They left due to lynchings and racial violence, and for better opportunities in the North and the West. Historically, Florida's economy has been based primarily upon agricultural products such as cattle, sugar cane, citrus fruits, tomatoes, and strawberries.

Economic prosperity in the s stimulated tourism to Florida and related development of hotels and resort communities. Combined with its sudden elevation in profile was the Florida land boom of the s , which brought a brief period of intense land development. Devastating hurricanes in and , followed by the Great Depression , brought that period to a halt. In , Florida was described as "still very largely an empty State.

Migration from the Rust Belt and the Northeast sharply increased Florida's population after In the s, many refugees from Cuba fleeing Fidel Castro 's communist regime arrived in Miami at the Freedom Tower , where the federal government used the facility to process, document and provide medical and dental services for the newcomers. After Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in September , a large population of Puerto Ricans began moving to Florida to escape the widespread destruction.

Hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans arrived in Florida after Maria dissipated, with nearly half of them arriving in Orlando and large populations also moving to Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. Spanning two time zones , it extends to the northwest into a panhandle , extending along the northern Gulf of Mexico.

It is bordered on the north by Georgia and Alabama , and on the west, at the end of the panhandle, by Alabama. It is the only state that borders both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Florida also is the southernmost of the 48 contiguous states, Hawaii being the only one of the fifty states reaching farther south. Florida is one of the largest states east of the Mississippi River , and only Alaska and Michigan are larger in water area.

The water boundary is 3 nautical miles 3. Much of the state is at or near sea level.

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The climate of Florida is tempered somewhat by the fact that no part of the state is distant from the ocean. With an average daily temperature of These temperatures normally extend at most a few days at a time in the northern and central parts of Florida. South Florida, however, rarely encounters below freezing temperatures. Due to its subtropical and tropical climate, Florida rarely receives measurable snowfall. Frost , which is more common than snow , sometimes occurs in the panhandle. Florida's nickname is the "Sunshine State", but severe weather is a common occurrence in the state.

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Central Florida is known as the lightning capital of the United States, as it experiences more lightning strikes than anywhere else in the country. The rest of the state, including Miami, receives between 2, and 3, hours annually. Florida leads the United States in tornadoes per area when including waterspouts , [95] but they do not typically reach the intensity of those in the Midwest and Great Plains. Hail often accompanies the most severe thunderstorms.

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Florida is the most hurricane-prone state, with subtropical or tropical water on a lengthy coastline. In , Florida was the site of what was then the costliest weather disaster in U. Andrew is currently the second costliest hurricane in Florida's history. Florida also has more than nonnative animal species and 1, nonnative insects found throughout the state.

Some of these nonnative species do not pose a threat to any native species, but some do threaten the native species of Florida by living in the state and eating them. There are about 3, different types of wildflowers in Florida. Many of the smallest coral islands in the Florida Keys are known to have abundant coconut palms sprouting from coconuts deposited by ocean currents. On the east coast of the state, mangroves have normally dominated the coast from Cocoa Beach southward; salt marshes from St.

Augustine northward. From St. Augustine south to Cocoa Beach, the coast fluctuates between the two, depending on the annual weather conditions. Propagules fall from late summer through early autumn.

The Florida Reef is the only living coral barrier reef in the continental United States. Almost 1, species of marine plants and animals, including more than 40 species of stony corals and species of fish, live on the Florida Reef. Florida is a low per capita energy user. All potable water resources have been controlled by the state government through five regional water authorities since Red tide has been an issue on the southwest coast of Florida, as well as other areas.

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While there has been a great deal of conjecture over the cause of the toxic algae bloom, there is no evidence that it is being caused by pollution or that there has been an increase in the duration or frequency of red tides. The Florida panther is close to extinction. A record 23 were killed in , mainly by automobile collisions, leaving about individuals in the wild.

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The Center for Biological Diversity and others have therefore called for a special protected area for the panther to be established. Now the flamingos are reproducing toward making a comeback to South Florida since it is adamantly considered native to the state and also are now being protected. Much of Florida has an elevation of less than 12 feet 3. Therefore, it is susceptible to rising sea levels associated with global warming. The Miami beach area, close to the continental shelf, is running out of accessible offshore sand reserves.

The first recorded bleaching incident on the Florida Reef was in Incidents of bleaching have become more frequent in recent decades, in correlation with a rise in sea surface temperatures. White band disease has also adversely affected corals on the Florida Reef. The Florida peninsula is a porous plateau of karst limestone sitting atop bedrock known as the Florida Platform.

The largest deposits of potash in the United States are found in Florida. Extended systems of underwater caves , sinkholes and springs are found throughout the state and supply most of the water used by residents. During the last glacial period , lower sea levels and a drier climate revealed a much wider peninsula, largely savanna. It was notable as one of the largest recent sinkholes to form in the United States.

It is now known as Lake Rose. Johns River , the longest river in the U. It is a designated Outstanding Florida Waters. Earthquakes are rare because Florida is not located near any tectonic plate boundaries. Census Bureau's Population Estimates Program. In , undocumented immigrants constituted an estimated 5. This was the sixth highest percentage of any U. Hispanic and Latinos of any race made up The largest metropolitan area in the state as well as the entire southeastern United States is the Miami metropolitan area , with about 6.

The Tampa Bay Area , with more than 3. Forty-three of Florida's 67 counties are in a MSA. The legal name in Florida for a city, town or village is "municipality". In Florida there is no legal difference between towns, villages and cities. Florida is a highly urbanized state, with 89 percent of its population living in urban areas in , compared to 79 percent nationally.

In , 6.

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As of [update] , those of non-Hispanic white European ancestry accounted for Out of the Some native white Floridians, especially those who have descended from long-time Florida families, may refer to themselves as " Florida crackers "; others see the term as a derogatory one. Like whites in most other states of the southern U. As of , those of Hispanic or Latino ancestry accounted for The Hispanic community continues to grow more affluent and mobile. Florida has a large and diverse Hispanic population, with Cubans and Puerto Ricans being the largest groups in the state.

Aside from the dominant Cuban and Puerto Rican populations, there are also large populations of Mexicans, Colombians, and Dominicans, among numerous other groups, as most Latino groups have sizable numbers in the state. As of [update] , those of African ancestry accounted for They moved for jobs, better education for their children and the chance to vote and participate in society. Aside from blacks descended from African slaves brought to the southern U. As of [update] , those of Asian ancestry accounted for 2.

In , English was affirmed as the state's official language in the Florida Constitution. Spanish is also widely spoken, especially as immigration has continued from Latin America. Twenty-seven percent of Florida's population reports speaking a mother language other than English, and more than first languages other than English are spoken at home in the state. The most common languages spoken in Florida as a first language in are: [].

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Florida is mostly Christian , although there is a large irreligious and relatively significant Jewish community. Protestants account for almost half of the population, but the Catholic Church is the largest single denomination in the state mainly due to its large Hispanic population and other groups like Haitians.

Protestants are very diverse, although Baptists , Methodists , Pentecostals and nondenominational Protestants are the largest groups.